List of services

  • Cross dock services, Cross-docking
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Container unloading, Box car and flat car unload
  • Wood cutting services
  • Rail Access and Rail unload
  • Freight moving
  • Delivery Services
  • Food grade warehouse
  • Rack and Bulk Storage
  • RF Scanning
  • Intermodal
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Overflow, Excess and Seasonal Storage
  • Security
  • Dedicated, Public, On Demand Warehousing
  • WERC Member
  • IWLA Member

Have other needs not listed, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for you!

Value Added Services

When you partner with another company to move your product to market, you want to be confident that you are working with quality management and excellent problem solvers that understand how to meet and surpass your customer’s expectations.  That’s who we are.  That is why our customers ask us to provide so many value added services.

Days provides container stuffing services for overseas shipping.  We containerize and ship Recreational Vehicles and boats for local manufacturers.  In conjunction with Days Export Packing division, we can ship anything you need anywhere in the world.

Examples of value added services we currently provide:

  • Cutting lumber to specific dimensions
  • Packing Services, Crating Services, Container stuffing
  • Kitting and light assembly


Public Warehousing

Operating a distribution center is about having the right facilities in the right location, having the right handling equipment, the right storage systems, the right information systems, and the right level of customer service.


Our facilities are maintained at the highest standards in the industry.

  • Our buildings are food grade facilities. We have never received anything less than an excellent audit report.
  • Buildings are heated, made of steel construction, and have high bay ceilings, sealed concrete floors, and sprinkler systems
  • Rail facilities include warehouse docks and ground level sidings
  • Racking systems include selective racks, drive-in racking, and cantilever racking
  • Our secure properties are fenced and monitored by TYCO Securities for fire and burglary
  • Industrial pest control services
  • Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance


Days Distribution & Logistics has handling equipment available for any type of inventory, from standard forks of varying lengths to paper clamp attachments, squeeze clamps, and carpet poles.

  • Narrow-aisle reach trucks and Narrow-aisle sideloaders
  • 25,000 pound capacity lift trucks
  • Overhead cranes
  • Along with Days Machinery Movers, we have the handling capacity to lift 200,000 pounds.

We continually invest in equipment to do the job right the first time.

Transportation Services

Days Distribution and Logistics offers transportation services with our fleet of company owned trucks and equipment.

  • Curtainside trailers
  • Vans,
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Straight trucks.

Days has considerable expertise in delivering to the industry.  Our reliability is unmatched, and we can respond to same day delivery requests.

Days also offers logistics services for deliveries of all types.

  • Volume shipping discounts established with all major common carriers.
  • We have extensive knowledge of carriers of all kinds in our region, and can take advantage of freight consolidation opportunities.

Whether it is small parcel, LTL, truckload, flatbed, oversized, air or ocean, Days can cost effectively deliver your products to your customer.


Days Distribution and Logistics uses 3PLink by Camelot, a state of the art warehouse management system (WMS), to efficiently operate our warehouses.  3PLink is built upon Microsoft Dynamics NAV and was developed by Camelot 3PL Software ( specifically for the Third Party Logistics (3PL) industry.  Camelot is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been designing WMS software for the 3PL industry since 1987.

Our goal is to design systems and processes that meet all the requirements of our clients and their customers.  Days has the technology in place to support this.  The robust design of 3PLink not only provides the advanced controls necessary for operations of any level of complexity, but it also provides the flexibility and customization required for multi-client inventory.  This means that reporting and accounting of inventory can be completely tailored to your specific needs, reporting multiple units of quantity and using descriptions that match your operating nomenclature.  From receiving, shipping, and inventory reporting, all the way through to billing, you see your data displayed the way you want to see it.  Whatever you need, we have a solution for you.

WMS features include:

  • Inventory visibility provided through our client web portal.  You have secure access to view your inventory, transaction history, and documentation via the Internet anywhere, anytime, 24/7.
  • Automated reporting of transactions, inventory and billing, allowing you to automatically receive proof of deliveries, proof of receipts, invoices, inventory reports, or inventory level notifications via email.
  • Barcode tracking and RF scanning.  All facilities are wired for radio frequency communications.  Mobile processes and barcode scanning are implemented to ensure inventory accuracy, efficiency, and process integrity.

EDI communications via FTP site as well as Data Interface via internally developed dataports and flat file exchange.  We use Electronic Data Interchange to preserve data integrity, increase efficiency and streamline connectivity between business partners.